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How To Make a Claim - Travel

IRDA - How To Make a Claim - Travel

Formalities for making a travel insurance claim
A travel insurance policy is generally a package policy that includes different types of covers like hospitalisaiton, personal accident, loss/ damage to baggage, loss of passport and so on.
The procedure and documents required for a claim would vary from cover to cover. All of them would be mentioned in your policy document.
For ease of procedure and your convenience, insurers normally attach the claim form with the policy document. This will contain the list of documents required in case of a claim and also the contact details including phone numbers of the claims administrator either in the destination country to which you are traveling or in another country that is designated  to receive and process your claim intimation.
Since this is a package policy with various covers and procedures it is very important that you familiarise yourself with the procedures and documentation in case of a claim.

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