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Insurance Awareness Day - 2016
Pan India Quiz Competition-2016
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Report - Celebrations of Insurance Awareness Day-2016
Insurance Awareness Day - 2015
Pan India Insurance Quiz Competition
Report-Celebrations of Insurance Awareness Day-2015
Insurance Awareness Day - 2014
Pan India Insurance Quiz for Intermediaries
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IRDAI Annual Seminar 2013
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Seminar on Present Scenario (Life & General)
Report on Seminars 2012-13
Seminar on Life Insurance - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Motor and Life Insurance - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Health Insurance - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Role of Insurance Intermediaries - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Life and General Insurance - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Consumer Education - Key for Insurance Policyholders - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Micro Insurance - FY 2012-13
Seminar on Insurance Needs and Requirements for Day to Day Life - FY 2012-13
Report on Seminars 2013-14
Report on Seminars 2013-14
Insurance Research Grant Scheme
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Ranjan's Discovery of Insurance Ombudsman
Ranjan Brakes for Motor Insurance
Ranjan Learns More About ULIP
Ranjan Realises Honesty is the Best Policy
Ranjan Understands 'Underinsurance'
Ranjan Can Now Port His Health Policy
Ranjan Learns About Freelook Period
Ranjan Fills up The Proposal Form
Ranjan Learns About Licensed Intermediaries
Ranjan Learns About Surveyors
Ranjan Gets Tech Savvy
Ranjan Learns About Cashless Service
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